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We stock a wide range of good value basic and better beginner outfits for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

We ensure the outfits we sell are properly set up and playable.

Many wholesalers or casual sellers of violins, cellos, etc sell instruments that are hard to play, for example with:

sticking or untuneable pegs, 

with bridges, nuts and strings set too high, 

with badly shaped fingerboards 

or even where the neck angle has been incorrectly set - 

all resulting in more extra expense than the instrument cost, or is worth. 

We want to make sure our customers can play their new instrument with as much comfort as possible - and will return to us next time because they are satisfied!

Many outfits, including viola, are also available in smaller sizes.  All instruments can be improved for better quality set up in our workshop.

Please see individual instrument categories or enquire for further details.